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(dramatic music) (rain pattering) – James, I hate you I hate you! (sobbing) I hate you! – Look, I know I'm the last person you want to hear from right now, but I have to tell you that I'm sorry

I'm sorry for what I did to you I need you to understand that I was at a bad place He gave me some attention I thought he loved me I thought that when a man put his hands on you, that meant he loved you

But I have to tell you, you cannot allow hate to consume you That's what I did When I was standing there, about to blow his head off, I was allowing hate to consume me But something happened on the inside of me that I can't even begin to explain, so I need you to not allow hate to consume you, but I need you to ask God to heal you from your pain I need you to do that

I need you to go forth in what God has for you, take back what the enemy has stolen from you Look, I knew you were gonna be here today, and I have something Take this

And this Go forth in what God has for you (dramatic music) – Ms Bavard, is there something you'd like to tell me? – No, no I don't If I told you how I got in the situation I was in, you wouldn't believe me; you'd say I was a fool, stupid, didn't have the sense that the good Lord gave me

That's okay because like my brother used to say, God rest his soul, it didn't make no nevermind The most important thing is how I got out (light jazz music) When I was a little girl, I used to dream of going to Paris and marrying a prince who had been searching for someone like me I think all little girls dream that dream in different ways I wish I could protect them all from how it truly is

(bus engine whines) (light jazz music) ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ Shoo-Do-Do-Da-Do – [Ladies] Hey – Hey – [Candy] How you doin'? – I'm alright, how you doing? Nice to meet you – You live here, don't you? – Yeah, I just moved right up there – I like your shirt

– Thank you (crosstalk) – Look at that – I'm like, I know, what is that? – Why does she look so – Y'all talking about that girl? I thought y'all was classy, you talk about that girl? – Ugh is ugh, no matter how you look at it – Y'all don't need to talk about it How you doin'? Alright, I'm gonna catch y'all later It was nice meeting you, though – Enjoy the rest of your day

(footsteps) (crashing) – Looks like you could use a little bit of help – Yeah, looks like it – Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for that love is sweeter than wine Song of Solomon? I see you have an interest in poetry – Yeah, right

It's for classes, English I'm studying history, though – So, where are you studying at? – Listen, I appreciate your help, but I need to get dinner started – I'm Langston (chuckles) What's funny? – I'm sorry, it's just

Well, you I'm Diana – It's alright – Nice meeting you – Likewise, Ms Diana

And the whole name thing, let's just say my mother knew I was gonna be something special, so she gave me the name of a poet – I see So you're a poet? – I'm a man who sees a woman as God's happiness, because of her willingness to please, to worship, to love, and to carry the burden of pain of other people I see a woman as rich and enchanting as the soils in Africa, as deep as the deepest rivers, and as strong as the tallest mountain I am a man who sees a woman (mumbles)

– Whoa Um, yeah, you are a poet I better get inside – Well, maybe I can take you out for lunch, we could talk about history a little more I'm kinda new here, so I need a tour guide

– Sorry, I can't, but thank you – No problem Take care – Yeah, you too Where you from? – What'd you say? – Where are you from? – Memphis, from Memphis

– Wow, what brings you to Virginia? – Actually, I got a better job opportunity I'm a professor at Norfolk State University – Really? Wow! – I got you I just started there a little while ago – Well, I gotta go

It was nice meeting you – [James] Diana! Get your ass in here! Taking all goddamn day Hurry up with my mother fuckin' food (ominous music) – Will you please not raise your voice? The whole neighborhood can hear you – Who you was out there talking to? – Candy

– [James] Candy? What, did her voice change? – She's hoarse Can we please not argue today? – Come over here and sit with me – I thought you wanted dinner, James? – Please I'm not gonna bite, come on a little closer I just want to talk to you

You're all I have in this world I need to know that you're with me, and me only We do have peepholes in the fucking door, so whatever reason you felt you had to lie to me, do not do it again Do you understand me? – Yeah – The fire's pretty dark across the hall

Stay the fuck away from him You understand? Now, get your ass in the kitchen and fix my mother fuckin' food! Hurry up! This bitch gonna try to play me I'm 'bout to kill this bitch (footsteps) (knocking) – Yeah, may I help you? – Hi, my name is Candy, and I saw you move in here the other day; I just wanted to stop by and welcome you into the neighborhood, and I'm just being neighborly – Uh, thank you, that's very nice

Thank you – Well, if you're not busy, I have (mumbles) – Actually, I have to go I have a meeting in about 15 minutes, so – Oh, okay, well, there is other times So, I'm patient – Alright – Hey how are you? No wait, I wanted to, hold on

(water running) – Eat dinner without me – What? Dinner is ready, I'm about to fix your plate Where you going? (suspenseful music) (engine starting) – Congratulations! You know what time it is

Welcome to Hampton Roads Poetic Lounge We've got something special planned for you today, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of Jacobi (applause) (light music) ♪ Have you ever ♪ Thought about ♪ Just where I'd be today ♪ I could probably ♪ Be lost ♪ Searching to find my way ♪ Without you ♪ Without you ♪ I would be lost ♪ Without you ♪ I am sad you're gone ♪ But I moved on ♪ Without you – [James] Come back to bed – I will, I just need to finish this by tomorrow – [James] Quit

– I can't quit, I want to do this! – [James] Do you want to be my wife? Isn't this why you married me? Nothing else should matter – That's not fair and you know it – [James] Listen at you, selfish little bitch All you do is go to school and study I have to beg your ass to cook! Get your ass over here

– James, please don't do this Don't do this – [James] Beg for my forgiveness You don't think I don't see what's going on between you and Pretty Boy across the hall? – No, I don't even know him! (slaps) – [James] I said I see it! Stupid – Just wait I'm sorry, please forgive me

– [James] How sorry are you? – I'm very sorry – [James] I can't hear that – I'm very sorry! – [James] How sorry are you? – I'm very sorry! – [James] Crawl to me – James, please (thumping) (screaming) – [James] Get yo ass up

You tell anybody, I will kill you And you know I will – [Poet] We have a little sister and she has no breasts What shall we do for our sister on the day that she shall be spoken for? If she be a wall, we will build upon her a palace of silver– – [James] Better yet (fingers snapping) (sighs) You ready for another round? – I can't, I'm gonna be late for school – School? Hey, your husband come first Now take care of me I'm waiting

What the fuck is that? What the fuck is that? What is that? – I'm gonna be late for school – You ain't going to school today Now, take care of me (mournful music) (sobs and crying) You wanna go to school, come get this lesson I run this, you gonna do what I say

You understand? You keep resisting, I'm gonna run your head through that fucking mirror, do you understand? Take your ass to school When you come back, there's gonna be another round Hurry up! (upbeat music) – I broke my screen today, and I was wondering if maybe you can look at it, maybe fix it Langston? – Can I join you? – Sure, what are you doing here? – I just got a haircut next door – Oh

So how are you? – A lot better, a lot better How are you doing? – Good – How are you really doing? – No really, I'm okay, I just got a lot going on What? – You're just beautiful – Look, I think you

There's something you should know I'm married, and I don't think this is appropriate – I'm sorry, forgive me

I just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful, I really didn't see the harm in it – No, it's okay, I just Maybe you should leave

– Of course But married or not, if you need anything, I'm here for you – What do you mean? I don't need anything – I'm just saying – I know what you're saying

Look, just mind your own business – Look, everybody knows, okay? We know that your husband beats you I don't even know why you stay with him Just leave – I've heard enough

– Look, I care about you, alright? – You don't even know me, how can you care about me? I mean, I'm just a stranger to you, you don't know me – I remember the first time I met you, I felt like I had known you all my life I felt like I had that connection with you We don't have to be strangers – Connected? You 'bout lost your mind

– So, you didn't feel any connection at all? – Just let me go Excuse me, I'm sorry, I thought I could wait, but I have to go Maybe I can bring it back another day? – You got my card? – No, I don't, thank you I'm sorry, I'll come back, thank you – Have a good day

– You too! ♪ As I'm pulling out the driveway ♪ I hesitate ♪ Is this a mistake (guitar music) ♪ If you need ♪ A relationship ♪ That fulfills you ♪ In every way ♪ If you need a man ♪ That wants to please you ♪ A man you won't have to beg to stay (laughter) – Boy, it's about time! My favorite cousin! So good to see you – So what's going on? – School been kicking me in my butt Like, it's a lot – I see school ain't the only thing kicking your butt I'm telling you, I will kill this dude

I will kill him You need to pack your bags and get out of Dodge Get out of Dodge, soon as you can – Bitty, please I don't want to spend what little time I have with you arguing about James

– Look, I'm not gonna let this go – Bitty, where's my glasses? Let it go Just forget it – Jesus! Wait, I'm sorry You're my favorite cousin, the only family I have, but I can't see you going through this

Look at your face, look at this I was always there to protect you, I can't see you living like this Really, do you understand that? – You get on my nerves, Bitty But I love you I'm just so excited that you're here

How long are you staying? – I'm gonna be here 'til tomorrow – What? Bitty, tomorrow? – I got a case I'm working on – Who would've ever thought you would end up in forensic science I mean, you of all people, who was scared of a little mouse, and would kill yourself just to get away from one – Stop it now, but yeah, mice? I hate 'em

– Wow, so what kind of case you got? – We found a body in the creek – Okay, nevermind, I don't want to know Nevermind – Well you asked But look, you still in church? Hey wait, I'm not done talking about your face, either

– Oh Lord, here we go – What do you mean? We grew up in the church together, so why you trying to act brand new? – You know what, all that changed when our family, our whole family, was killed in a bus accident Remember that, Bitty? A bus that was on the way to a missionary convention, or did you forget? Now you tell me why I'm not interested in going to church – But look, you can't hold that against God Diana, you have no excuses, none at all

So – I can't believe you! I mean, I anticipated this day to come, I was so excited about seeing your face, and you're here lecturing me! Why are you here, Bitty? – I came here to see my cousin, and to make sure you were okay But at the same time, as I look at you, things is messed up right now

I don't know what's going on with you and James, but I suspect it's not good – Look, I'll take everything into consideration, and I do love you, can we go eat first? – Wow, my so-called favorite cousin just ignoring me How you just gonna ignore me like that? Come on, man Have you ever just thought of the situation, just to ask yourself why, what the heck am I doing? You a child of God You are a child of God, and peace is supposed to be throughout everything, throughout your body, throughout your soul, it was brought up with us when we was in church

Go see the police, go get some help – No, I'm not going to the police – You need help Things only gonna get worse Just look at yourself, man

And if things get worse, you don't want that to happen – Okay, okay, on one condition – And what is that? – I'll go if you go with me – I got you – And one more thing, can we please eat? I'm starving over here

– It's all love, cousin You know I got you, I love you, girl – I love you, too – Let's go get some food! – It's about time (hip hop beat) ♪ I lost my job ♪ What I'm gone do ♪ Bills due ♪ But no loot ♪ No loot ♪ So no food ♪ I gotta suit up ♪ In all black ♪ I lost my job ♪ What I'm gone do ♪ Bills due – Just up the street, just get some chicken or something

I'll bring it right back to my desk – Okay, that sounds good I was thinking about chicken, too – I changed my mind – Changed your mind? You can't change your mind, we already here

– I don't want to do this Maybe wait and do it another day – No, we gotta do it now while I'm here We gotta get him off the streets For real

– We can just spend a little more time together, you're not gonna be here that long – We already talked about this, we're gonna do it – Ma'am, can I help you? – Yes, I was just wondering if I can talk to someone about a matter? – Ma'am, what matter? – Well, I was just wondering if I could talk to somebody – I'd be happy to help you, I just need a little more information so I can direct you to the right person – Okay, um, well, I'm having an issue at home, and I was just wondering what my rights are

– Excuse me, I'll take it from here You go ahead on to lunch Hi, my name is Agent Monica Davis, and I can help you Come on in – I'll wait out here

– Okay – Please come, have a seat Now how can I help you? – This is not easy I don't want to cause any trouble I was just wondering if I leave my situation at home, well, I was just wondering if I'll be safe

I mean, I was just wondering if it would be possible I don't want to die – Has anyone threatened you or hurt you, Miss? – Well, yeah, my husband he gets stressed out at times

I'm sorry, my name is Diana Bavard But yeah, he gets stressed out at times – And he gets relief from using you as a punching bag? – Yes, unfortunately – Let me ask you a question: what are you prepared to do? – I don't have anywhere to go, I don't have any money, no family, and I'm in school I just, I don't know what to do

I really don't know what to do – Slow down, Ms Bavard We can help you – [Ray] Here's that paperwork you've been asking for

– [Monica] Thanks, Ray, what would I do without you? – [Ray] Probably beat yourself – Ray, this here is Ms Brevard – Nice to meet you – Her husband is very abusive, and she wants out

– Well that's good I tell you what, let's walk down the hall here, get some paperwork done for you, get– – Wait, wait I didn't

I'm not ready for that I just came here with questions about how to go about getting out – Well listen, we're here to help, okay? Domestic violence is more public than it used to be, so don't feel ashamed or embarrassed

Let's work ourselves a game plan, find out where you're going and what your rights are Now, are there any kids involved? – No, I don't have any children – No one has the right to abuse you, mentally or physically – I don't have anywhere to go And I don't want him to get into any trouble or anything

– There are shelters for women just like you, with well-trained, certified people who can help you get your life back together All you have to do is press charges and get a restraining order – Wait, press charges? Like I said, I'm not ready for all that I just had questions I appreciate your time and I'll take everything into consideration, I just

This is just too much Thank you Have a good day

– Ms Bevard, wait Look, yes we have time to talk, and yes we can help, but if you decide to go back to this man, and he hits you, you might lose your life Look, all I'm trying to say is you took a big step in coming forward and asking for help Keep moving forward, 'cause if you walk out that door, you might not make it back

– Ray, let's find out who her husband is, and do a background check on him, because we do not want to lose another one – Yeah, I'm on it (techno music) – You know her? – No – That's you! – No, that's not me! – Well, she was staring at you like she knew you – I don't know her

I don't know what that was about Anyway ♪ Dreaming ♪ Of you all my life and now ♪ Finally you are here ♪ I've been up ♪ I've been down ♪ Searching all around ♪ For the thing that we hunger call out ♪ Never thought in my years ♪ That would be so near ♪ Now you're here and it's clear ♪ I found love ♪ In the night, can I hold you ♪ Keep you safe and warm (ominous music) ♪ Million miles away ♪ From home ♪ Ooh, oh ♪ Ooh, oh ♪ Ooh, oh ♪ Million miles away ♪ From home ♪ Million – I have looked for you my entire life

– I've been here, but it's too late We can never be – Diana, I would die for you – You don't know me This should've never happened

– You have my rib inside of you When I look at you, I see a reflection of my own self – I'm married – No weapon formed against you shall prosper – What? – Diana, you have to leave, or he's gonna kill you

Just leave If you leave, he can't touch you, he can't hurt you anymore You have to tell yourself, "No more" – How can you sit there and give me a Scripture from the Bible? I mean, you just had sex with a married woman, for God's sake You don't have the right! What we did is and was wrong, Langston

– Yeah, and it's wrong for your husband to beat you – That's my problem, not yours – Okay, hey I'm not trying to argue, okay? Now, I admit, things moved a little fast between us You have your school, you have your own problems at home, and I'm trying to make you my woman

I apologize Can we just start over? – Look, I'm sorry too, Langston Can we just pretend this never happened? – Look, Diana, you have to fight back – I went to the police station today already – What did they say? What did you say? – They said they could help me, but I have to press charges

I didn't get into it with them, because James would kill me before they could get me to safety, I know he would, so I didn't do anything but walk out I don't know what to do – Give him a taste of his own medicine – You really are a crazy dude I've never met anyone like you before

– Your bruise is starting to show See, that's why you need to fight back – I can't fight back! You trying to get me killed early, or something? – Diana, I can help you, okay? I can teach you how to fight – What are you gonna teach me, Mr Langston, The Poet? Pretty boy? What are you gonna teach me? You want me to fight him with poetry? Yeah

– That's not funny Let me tell you something, alright? Your man is sick He has something deep down in him that just ain't right Now the other day, he followed me, and he watched me, and I know it was him I didn't see his face, but I know it was him

He got something in him that I don't even think the police are ready for He's the type of person that will kill you and clean up the mess before anyone even noticed that you were gone, or what happened Before I moved from Memphis, I grew up in a neighborhood that was run by gangs, and crime, and anything else you can imagine My father left when I was very young So one night, some boys broke in and started going through the dressers

When they saw that my mom was awake, they beat her (mournful music) With a baseball bat, until she died See, I vowed to make it up to my mother, because she didn't deserve to die like that So I started my own gang I taught myself martial arts

We only used it for the good of the neighborhood, so if we saw someone doing crime, we took care of it We took care of it so that no one else would get hurt, and so that the streets stayed safe So, I moved here to get away from the past I got tired of fighting the same fight over and over again, but I will fight for you, Diana You need to give your husband a taste of his own medicine

I bet you he knows that you're here right now – I better go – Okay, look Diana, you gotta stop being scared Stop crumbling, okay? Meet me at the beach, at Buckroe Beach, and I'll take care of the rest – I better go

(door closes) – Oh my God! Did you do that for real? – That chick crazy – Where did she Why did you drop her off like that, Bitty? – Can y'all shut the hell up? – What? – Bitty, don't

– Hell naw, man, what's wrong with you? – Look, go put some clothes on, over there rubbing on your arms and shit – Are you sick or something, dog? – Focus, here – He's a lame, a straight lame – Who the fuck you calling lame? You can get the fuck out – James, please

– I'll be glad to – Listen you two, don't do this! Bitty please sit back down – I got this, I got this, don't worry about it – I don't like your sorry ass anyway – Good, good! But what you gone do about it? What you gonna do? – Stay right there

What you gonna do now? – [Diana] Please don't do this – Say something You ain't a tough cop now, are you? Just a little bitch – [Diana] Put the knife down, please don't do this – So this is how you feel? You wanna use a knife? – [James] Shut up, bitch

– You weak, boy – [James] You wanna taste this blade? – [Diana] Put the knife down – Shut up, bitch! (yells) (thudding) (dramatic music) (crying) – This is your fault, and you're gonna help me clean this up You mention to anybody what happened around here, I'm gonna kill you Oh yeah, you better believe that

Do you understand? Do you understand? Come on, come on, it'll be alright Come on! (sobbing) – No! – [James] Come here, grab his leg! (sobbing) Stop all that crying, grab his leg! I said, grab his leg You think I'm playing with you? You think I'm playin' with you? You wanna be next? (mournful music) (children playing) – I know you don't know me and all, but God knows all about it Whatever it is, he has the answer – I don't think God wants to help anyone like me

I haven't been a good person – Listen, we all have fallen short of the glory of God, we all make mistakes, but the cool thing about God is we can always return to him to be cleansed of our sins Why don't you talk to him about it? – I don't even know what to say – Just say what's on your heart (birds chirping) (mournful music) – I always try to do the right thing, and I try so hard to do good, but I messed up

I've sinned against my husband, but God I'm sorry for what I've done, and, oh God, Bitty! He's gone And he loved me more than anything in this world, and I was the cause of him Tell me what you want me to do! I don't want to live in this torment anymore

Please help me I don't know if you can hear me, I don't know if you can hear me cry out to you, and I don't have anybody else God please, I need you to help me I don't want him to kill me, I don't want him to destroy me Can you help somebody like me? Sorry I'm late

– I didn't think you were gonna come – I'm ready – Sit down You gonna bring that out every single time, to cover that up? – I do what I gotta do – Put it away

– I thought you were gonna teach me how to fight? – And I am – Can't do that sitting down – It starts in the mind – What do you mean? – Just trust me – Okay, I'll sit down

– Alright, now, you're gonna close your eyes, get relaxed, and focus Tell me what you hear Listen to everything that's around– Diana! You okay? – Yeah – You can do this? – Yep, I'm gonna do this – Okay, now focus, okay? Now listen to all the sounds that are around you, try to figure out what they are, where they're coming from

Now become those sounds Just let them manifest inside of you Tell me what you see right now (dramatic music) Alright look, I don't know what's going on, but you're gonna need to fix it, okay? Hit me right here – I'm not gonna hit you

– It's gonna make you feel better, and plus I'm teaching you something, so just right here No, like make a fist, like you about to fight somebody and then hit me right here, don't just push me – Okay – Let's go Alright look– – I don't want to hit you

– Okay, in Wing Chun Kung Fu, that's what I'm about to teach you right now, you use your whole body to punch, not just your arm, okay? You're gonna use your body for structure, to make every punch as powerful as it can be Alright, so keep your arms tucked in, you're gonna punch straight out, using your whole body – Okay – Alright, let's try it, right here Good, that was good, but just put a little bit more power behind it, I'm gonna be fine

– Okay – Let's go – Okay, you ready? – Come on – Oh, I'm so sorry! I hit you for real, didn't I? – No, it's okay – You're gonna be sore

– No I'm not What are you doing, girl? – You're playing! – Let's go The day's over, the day's over I don't know what you thinkin' I'm kidding, that was good

I'm just kidding, but that was good That was very good, I'm proud of you (waves crashing) – Is that them? – Yeah, that's them I need y'all to put in some work for me, I need y'all to take this dude out for me – What about her? – Leave her to me

– We want our money first – I'm good for your money, you piece of shit (suspenseful music) You two just make sure y'all do the job I got you more guys out here already – You know what? No, I don't have time to entertain you right now

Look, I gotta go – Everywhere we go, he's always there – He lives in the same apartment complex – At the movies, we went bowling, he's always there – He wasn't there

– Don't lie to me! – I won't lie to you – You think I'm stupid? You messin' with him? – No, I'm not messin' with him! (shouting) (car door slams) – I told you about that shit, didn't I? Did I tell you about that shit? (screaming) – James! – Can I help you, partner? – [Langston] She alright? – Look man, I'm gonna let you live today I ain't got time for this stupid shit – First of all, I ain't going nowhere until I know she's alright – Hold on

– I'll hit you back later Okay, I will, I promise Alright, later

That girl is crazy I gotta call the police! – If you don't move away from my car right now, I promise, I will kill you (crashing) – Come on (pounding) – No, look, he killed my cousin Bitty, you gotta get outta here – Who's Bitty? (dramatic music) (car engines cranking) – Welcome to Mama's house

(action music) – Langston, come on! (action music) Langston! – I told you to go to the car – I'm not leaving you – This is my Sifu – Hey, how you doing? Look, I know you said you want to teach her out here, but you might want to use the school A little friendlier crowd

Okay? Take care, I'm in trouble, let me get outta here – [Langston] Alright (telephone rings) – [Diana] Hello? – [Langston] Diana? – [Diana] Hey! – [Langston] I miss you – [Diana] Where are you? – [Langston] At home; I've moved – [Diana] You did? – [Langston] Yes, um, Mission College, 21 East Orange

I wanted you to have a safe place to come to – [Diana] That's a bit extreme – [Langston] Well, I care about you I want to go with you to that secluded house James took you to so you can get your things – [Diana] It may be too dangerous

– [Langston] That's why I'm going – [Diana] Listen, after what happened at the beach, James called himself apologizing to me, and wanted to take me for a ride, so I went I figured maybe all this would come to an end Well, he pulled into a parking lot and got out of the car, yanked me out of the car, and started beating me in front of everybody Someone must've called for help, because the police came, and when they asked me what happened, I lied and said it was all a mistake

I told them I fell and he was just trying to help me – [Langston] Diana, why are you doing this to yourself? You know what? I can't take this anymore, I gotta go – [Diana] Langston, don't (knocking) Can I come in? – Come on – I know you don't understand what I did yesterday– – No, you're right, I don't I don't understand – Please don't yell at me! – Look, hey, I just feel a little helpless sometimes, alright? I don't know what I would do if something happened to you – I'm going to be okay

– You need to go to the police station and tell them that your husband killed somebody – I'm scared! – If you don't tell them, you're just as guilty as he is – Langston, I think he's planning on killing me – Alright, look, I'll go with you We'll go down there together, so you don't have to go alone

But you gotta tell somebody (knocking) – Can I help you? – Yeah, Mr Cooper? – Yes – I was just wondering if you may have seen Oh, Ms Bavard, funny thing, I was just wondering where you were Making sure that everything was okay with you – Everything is okay

– I was just wondering if I can ask you a couple of questions – Well, I, um – I really don't see what the problem is, just a couple of questions

I can wait for you outside – Actually, it has something to do with you, too – What's this about? – Do either of you think that Mr Bavard, your husband, is involved in any kind of suspicious activity? – Yes, yes, yes he is – Langston! Look, Detective, me and my husband, we had a disagreement, and we had a little fight, but we're cool now

Everything is okay – So what is the relationship between you and Mister – Cooper, Langston Cooper

Me and Diana, we're just friends – I see – This is a little awkward Detective, what is going on? – Yes, this does seem kind of awkward But what's awkward is that you think everything is okay, as you said

The last time I was at your place, I found something kind of suspicious outside I used my camera, and I noticed that there was a great amount of blood Blood that has been cleaned up Ms Bavard, if you were involved in some kind of crime, or you witnessed some kind of crime, you need to talk now, or this could end up ugly for you

– Look, she isn't involved in any type of crime or anything illegal, alright? She's just trying to survive – You know, you could've left, but you chose to stay Why is that? – Let's hurry up so we can go get your things – Look, Ms Bavard, if you're in some kind of trouble, you need to call me, okay? I'm just here to help

I'll let myself out – I haven't even had a chance to take the covers off the couch or anything – That's cool Pack your stuff, just pack that up and we're gonna get out of here, alright? – Alright, I was gonna show you something – That's cute

But yeah, grab your stuff, we gotta get outta here I'm gonna change shirts really quick (ominous music) (gasps) (muffled screams) – Diana! (screams) (action music) (thud) – You okay? Get up, get up! – Let go – No, let's just go, let's just go while we've got a chance to go What are you doing? (suspenseful music) – What are you doing with that gun? – Go to the end of the road and wait for me

– Langston, let's just go – Go to the end of the road, and wait for me I'm gonna be there, alright? Come on Diana, go, go ahead (footsteps) (car engine) – Hey

Big bad, wake up – What are you doing? Come on, man, you know you ain't gonna get away with this, right? – You need to learn your lesson, James God doesn't put women on this earth for you to beat them – You have no right to do this – I don't have a right? Hey, I don't have a right, you sure about that? I mean, you seem to think that you have a right to beat your wife

– Look man, I promise I will not hit her again Let me go! Whatever you got planned, don't do it Bitty tried to kill me first It was an accident – You know, James, funny that you say that, because see, around here, accidents do happen

– Oh Lord, man, please! Please let me live, please, I'm sorry! I promise you, I will go to church, I will get saved, and everything; please let me live – You a God-fearing man now, huh? – I'm sorry, man – Don't be sorry to me, you didn't hit me You didn't hit me I tell you what, though, go ahead, hold that head up, so we can get business taken care of

– Come on, man! – Hold it up (gun cocks) – Come on, man, please! – Don't please, don't beg me, don't please me – Langston! – Don't please me, James – [Diana] Don't do it He ain't worth it

We're done now, let's go – I told you to go outside I told you to go up to the end of the road – I saw this woman out there I don't know, but I think we need to go

Let's just get outta here – Let me tell you something, James – What, man? – You gonna get smart with me? – Let's go – I tell you what, you touch one more person, one more, I want you to, you will be seeing me again, I will kill you, James I will kill you, you hear me? You touch one more person, I will kill you

– What? – That's what! – Hey! How the hell I'm supposed to get outta here? Nobody knows I'm in this hell hole Baby, oh God, baby I'm glad you're here! Help me get out of this, we need to get outta here Hurry up – Help you, are you serious? All the times you done beat me and call me out my name, oh now you want me to help you? I would never help you And I always knew you were capable of murder

– What? You stupid bitch, you better be glad somebody want your nasty ass I'm not married to you, now get your ass over here, let me loose, before I beat your mother fuckin' ass! What the fuck? – Lord, help me, help me not to kill him! – He can't help you, you just whorish as I am You fuckin' a married man, yeah, you skank, you trick, you bitch, you ain't shit – Hum My grandmama always told me, just call on the name of Jesus, he will be here! – He can't fuckin' help you! – God is a loving God, he is a forgiving God, and I'm calling on his name

– He gonna forgive your sorry ass? You sleepin' with a fuckin' married man Now what? – You disgust me You disgust me, and what I've come to realize, is I deserve better I'm sorry I ever met you, I'm sorry I ever got involved with you You are nothing, how about that! You are nothing! – Get that outta my face

– And I'm sick of you, I'm sick of your mouth, shut up! I'm sick of you! Shut up! – Please, don't do it Don't shoot me – Know what? You ain't even worth it, you ain't worth my natural freedom or my spiritual freedom I hate you – Look, let me go, but me loose

Please, cut me loose You always gonna be my bitch Always, you gonna do what the fuck I say Untie me Un-fuckin' tie me

– Never! (crying) – Can you stop fuckin' whining? And fucking untie me? My chest is getting tight, please, cut me loose My chest is tight I have trouble breathing, I'm not playing (dramatic music) Can't breathe – James? Oh Lord, oh God, what am I doing here, God? What am I doing? Oh my God! I need you right now, Lord

I need you right now, God God, I know you're a God of mercy, you are a God of forgiveness, so God, right now in the name of Jesus, I repent, Lord I repent for what I've done, God Please forgive me, Lord, I'm so sorry (sobbing) I'm so sorry

God, I thank you Thank you for your forgiveness, thank you – Hi Ms Bavard Thanks for coming in, have a seat

– Sure, what's going on? – Ms Bavard, I just wanted to let you know that we did get the autopsy report back on your husband, and he did in fact die of a heart attack But why he was tied up in the shed, we don't know But after a thorough investigation, it did open up a whole new can of worms on him – What do you mean? – Apparently, your husband was planning to have you and your friend, Langston Cooper, killed

And also, he was having an affair, and she claims that he abused her as well And then we found a body of Mr Eric Danes at a dump, and he was stabbed multiple times And his DNA matched the samples at your apartment – He was my cousin

– Now Ms Bavard, I know this is a bad situation for you all around, but if you have anything to do with this murder, now is the time to tell me – No, my husband killed my cousin, and he said that he would kill me if I told And he made me help him get rid of the body He was all the family I had

He loved me more than anything There's no way I would've wanted There's no

There's no way I would've wanted him dead I loved him, I loved my cousin – I know this is a bad time for you, so I'll straighten this out at the station, because you have the funeral for a loved one to plan for

But the next time you are involved in a domestic violence relationship, don't take matters in your hands such as these Just walk away, just leave Just leave (door closes) – Hey you! – What's going on? – Nothing, just coming to see you – Come on, get in

It's over – No it's not I have something I want to show you It's a little beat up, but – You sure you want to do this? – Yeah, I want to do this, I need to do this – Alright, well I'm in it with you – You know you saved my life You showed me what real love is

You risked your own life to save mine, and you helped me to see that I have the power to control my own future Langston, you were right when you said no weapon that's formed against me shall prosper, even if those weapons are my own, like mentally believing that I couldn't leave the hell I was in You know, that woman that was having an affair with my husband, she gave me this, and she is now free from bondage of abuse and control, and she's helping women just like us that are in the same hell, and I need to join her to help fight these crimes against women and children I mean, these cases, they are disturbing, and this is my first slumbag that needs to be taught a lesson – I'm very proud of you

– There's something else – What is it? – I wanna I wanna get my life right with God

– That's a very good thing, so why do you look so sad? – I want to thank you for everything you've done, everything; you've really been there for me Langston, I'll always love you – Come on, Diana, no Look, no, okay? We've been through a lot, okay? Thy love is beautiful, oh my love, as Tirzah, comely as Jerusalem, terrible as an army with banners Turn away thine eyes from me, for they have overcome me

Thy hair is as a flock of goats from Gilead – Langston (upbeat music) – Diana

♪ Somebody take me higher ♪ Show me what I've been missing ♪ The view from down here gets bitter ♪ Dark and lonely ♪ I'm feeling empty ♪ Fear has me trapped and chained down ♪ But fear ain't getting me nowhere ♪ Wanna spread my wings and take flight ♪ I wanna get outta here ♪ I wanna live again ♪ I want a feel the sun ♪ Feel the sun shining on me ♪ I wanna feel the rain ♪ Feel the rain washing me clean ♪ I wanna take a chance ♪ Take a chance to start over again ♪ I wanna be free ♪ I wanna be free ♪ Time to get out of my shell now ♪ And take what life has for me ♪ Time to get out of the backseat ♪ And take the wheel now ♪ Be all that I can be ♪ I want to feel the fire ♪ I wanna feel the fire ♪ Climb the highest mountain ♪ I wanna climb it (hip hop beat) ♪ I lost my job ♪ What I'm gonna do ♪ Bills due ♪ But no loot ♪ No loot so no food ♪ I gotta suit up ♪ In all black ♪ I lost my job ♪ What I'm gonna do ♪ Bills due ♪ But no loot ♪ No loot so no food ♪ I gotta suit up in all black ♪ No job so no loot ♪ I got my tool ♪ And made moves ♪ Now I'm back ♪ From sacks ♪ Black on black (techno music) ♪ You know I love you from the start ♪ And from the start you came and stole my heart

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