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In 1982 I suffered an accident climbing mountains The result was that I suffered freezing in my legs

And after months of effort, my medical team decided to amputate both legs After the accident, I wanted to return to my expression, my passion in life, which is to climb mountains And challenge the technology to move forward, to achieve this goal And it was successful after 6 months, I went back to the mountains, and I was climbing better than ever This was very inspiring for me, because I realized the capacity of the technology To repair, rehabilitate, and even extend human expression And as a young man, imagine A futuristic world where technologies are so sophisticated That any disability could be eliminated A world in which neuronal implants would allow the blind to have sight A world where exoskeletons would allow paralytics to walk A world where the depressed could live life with light and freedom

And this has changed my life I'm doing this road, these steps developing technology and designing

Trying to eliminate my disability and the disability of others There is a great power and importance to believe If you believe deeply in something, if that belief is really profound

You can make it happen You can materialize it in the world I had great faith and belief that I was going to climb back, and I did

I had a great belief that I was going to create bionic legs to re-establish walking patterns And I did it These things took many years to think and strive and fight But I believed, keep moving forward, I kept working And I decided in my mind and in my body, not to stop until I got it

And I got it Knowing in the heart that someone did it, then it is possible! Then we can achieve it too And I'm telling you, if you know someone who has some dreams, something they want to do And they did not, life says that you know in your heart, that if someone did it, then you can achieve it It's possible! And if someone can make their dreams come true, then you can make them come true too Subscribe to see my weekly videos

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