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I wanted to ask you, how do you overcome fears and doubts? Listen, fears and doubts are part of the process Can I be honest with you? Everything I did in my life started with fear

Before going on stage I am afraid I had to overcome fear all the time, when I wrote my book I was scared When I was offered to be a game show host, I never did that, I was completely scared When they told me "you should do an interview show" I was scared I had to overcome fear constantly, but the best way for me to overcome fear is that your dream must be bigger than fear

That is the only way to do it I want something so strongly that the dream of achieving it is greater than fear How many quarrels do you plan to give to get your dream? What steps are you willing to take to conquer the dream? How much pain are you willing to endure to conquer this dream? How much struggle are you going to give? I will tell you about the process of pursuing a dream and I will tell you from my personal experience And I know that there are people in the world who are pursuing their dream, they want to achieve perfection, They want to be seen by the world but it is a process And the process is painful

I spent many days with unrelenting effort chasing my dream So when I think about my process, I remember the days I slept on the street, I remember the days when I went from couch to couch, on days when I did not have something to eat at night That's just the beginning, that's just a ramp to make you fly higher Because life will eat you alive if you do not have the strength to fight in the long term If you want to be a champion, if you want to be a beast you will have to overcome a lot of obstacles

Nobody is going to give you anything, nobody will give you a championship, nobody will give you a title Because true lions like hunting, they love both the process and the prize And some of you just want the prize, they do not like the process They are not in love with the process Look at it this way, if you do not go for your dream, Would it be better for you to face fear or just accept the fact that you never tried it? The only person who must believe in your dream is you

It's a possibility that you end up sleeping on the street and without money, but you must love your dream more than you fear anything

Source: Youtube

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