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I Don't know many people actually worth knowing who don't have a mind that sometimes leads them astray I think most of the world's advances in creativity and invention and in almost anything have been done my little spurts of Madness I tried to end my life in the number of heads We're all scared inside We may all walk big and those guys who walk along look really cocky

They're the ones who most scare? the matter what happened to you in your [past] you are not your past who are the resources and Capabilities you glean from it and that Is the basis for all change because? The worse your life is if you survive the worst of the worst you've made the biggest mistakes and are still Breathing [now], and you can learn from the map builds muscle Sometimes life does seem unsupportable not for a lot of reason That's the point You can't talk someone out of finding life unpleasant by saying look what you've got It's not about that But you can perhaps at me say look what it will do to other people When you change the way you look at things [the] things you look at change, and you will find so much power so much passion and so Much internal fortitude from your past You know we all think we've just missed out on you know the secrets of life The wonderful Secret is that we're all equally afraid and uncertain and that that isn't a bad thing Greatness is upon you Shape like Walter

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