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I want to introduce this simple concept If you want something, you should go and get it Some of you have a concept that is what they want, want to achieve Some of you have tried to encourage them from poverty, lack of work, I can not do anything Others are driven by their desire to get things you want to accomplish Others are driven by material things It's a simple equation: if you want something you should go and get it What does this mean ? This means that you are trying to convince me or anyone you want to get it, While the fun and celebrates every week, when you have enough money to buy can not afford to pay things It's time to focus, and it's time to make a decision Enough celebration, enough clubs enough to fit the corrupt society To stop your messages with "strange" "Why are you a member of society?" – Because I'm trying to get it "Why do you stay for a long time on the pitch?" – Because I'm trying to get it "Why do you practice in this hot weather, and there is no one" – Because I'm trying to get it These clubs, these noisy parties will never target anything The more you attract them, the more you will reflect on your commitment to and focus on your own things Formulate and identify your thoughts so when it's time to go there, fly The life that I live, I deserve it because I made my efforts for it Life will never stop in tang obstacles Have made an effort for yourself! Try to live to the expectations of others and create a lie from them You will not do that, you have a job you should do Keep this basketball court, and keep training in the field of football You have a friend or friend trying to make you feel bad because you are focusing on it It's time for milling !! This does not mean today! This means the future! Do it now, and everything you want to bring to your family, your children, who you love, will respond to them It's time to focus I hope this video made you feel comfortable Because I see these videos as a mirror you should look at yourself in the women And ask yourself things strong "What do I do every day of my life?" To create obstacles and deviations for myself Translated by: Amer Jaffar Translated by Amara


Source: Youtube

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