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yo yo yo CPA strength here strongest CPA in the game with my best video with ever coming up so thank you for watching you could like it right now because I really appreciate that dislike it right now leave a comment on what makes you happy yeah you can leave it now or after the video or whatever what makes me happy is giving back giving to somebody so that's gonna be the theme of this video and yeah it's early morning so I already have my video idea for the day and I'm like it's weird because once it sticks in my head that's the idea for the day like that's what we're working with I would say I would say I've been searching for happiness ever since I quit drinking how can I get happy now because I'm not doing this stuff and yeah that was making me very unhappy look how I'm standing I am so weird I get that hi guys of angles don't actually don't want to actually use the tripod that I have and if any creators are out there I guess creators or anything when that mood strikes for you you know because I've had to give videos where my mood wasn't on point and they weren't that great I got a Facebook message a couple days ago it was someone saying how I helped them so I helped him so much you know I really helped him in a real way and that made me feel like so good inside so my news will make me happy is giving back giving something back that that's been and that came right after I reviewed my money situation in my personal accounting business and it was doing like really good for me in 2018 I'm definitely I well projected to make more than I left at my corporate gig job two and a half two years ago something to taxi to go so so I was looking at that and and you think about because I was so stressful for me to leave my my safe job when I figured out that I'd be making more money next year like I should have like that was it like that's what I wanted to do that was one of my big goals I mean and I was just yeah like it was weird because money money money money money money money over everything money money money money and now that I've got some I'm like man I mean don't get me wrong I'm gonna get that Milly and I'm not being in one of these fucking it I'm not on frickin five ecstasy pills being like ooh mmm I feel I'm eating feelings and shit talking about you know like just still am oh we don't get that I mean money over everything well no I guess it's not still I'm only money over everything but giving back but your mo e be g BG be mo e BG be no accept but you're very accept accept you back m OE e gb okay I know that was weird but you know that's why you all love me and then I got that message a couple hours later after I learned I was gonna have more money for me then I guess in a long time more money than I've ever had little cabbie I had the most money I've ever had nineteen years old so but I also had an ulcer another door so much stress so with the money comes the mo money mo problems you know as they say hit but hey I'm living better so I get so then I got then I got a message then I gave back to someone it made me feel so good so being happy that's been leading me to a certain a certain point that it's important and my search for happiness and I'm still only search for it but I think but I found that just giving like giving to be specific giving my accounting knowledge way my DC idler that really helps people I know it helps people because I struggle with accounting and they will say and they tell me to how much it helps them a key component of being happy is giving back now it's not just I got this one message and now I'm relaying the messages next days it's been a long time coming when I was studying for my CPA exam when I was Owen – and then I was listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger five rules of success and I guess he was the first motivational speaker that I ever listened to because I say the first one was Les Brown but I forgot that Arnold Schwarzenegger I use this for motivational speaking and with on YouTube there's like thousands of motivational videos but for some reason I didn't think that there was more than just this one video of Arnold Schwarzenegger where he had the five rules of success and what was the six rules I'm not sure but anyways one of the rules it was five or six one of the rules was give back give back to people he goes this is the most important rule and this will give you the most joy I was like okay and in the first four rules were just like work hard don't listen to the naysayers putting in hard work and I've you know and I would listen out like daily it was like oh other people are out horsing around partying you're here work and so let's say that daily and then the the give back thing I was like I don't think he knows what he's talking about my heard was like that give back I'm like no another instance that I can release that has really been just sitting with me is the Gary Gary Vaynerchuk Gary peek I don't even know what he is he's he's a motivator to me he's an entrepreneur whatever you really do that got a lot of like two minutes sound bites like hit him hard hit him up that's why I'm your bitch get money tattoo on TTC and JD oh so the Gary Vaynerchuk he says give back give 51% take 49 give more than you take you know that's a very big key to his success his his comment was I guess yesterday in the video he says your office location is sweet thanks jack first line and Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren is so this is the in quotes now it's not about you end quote so it's not about you and then he says then Jack says helping others is where happiness lives took me many years to figure this out yeah it took me like 40 years to figure that out to man but if all I had to do it was just give like that's easy I say hey what makes you happy could you tell me what makes you happy or yeah just tell me what makes you happy so did you leave that down in the comments because I guess I mean I'm interviewing you right now what makes you happy I think that comment down below peace what's happiness to you happiness to me is giving back anyways y'all have y'all have a great day and until tomorrow deuces so yeah I need a new hair hair makeup girl cuz Regina be slacking she don't even show up she I don't remember I don't even remember the last time I Gina has shown up she's getting frickin ridiculous like hi I gotta get some views man how am I supposed to get views like this this is trash Oh

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