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I'm not afraid to fail I'm not afraid to fall over make a mistake That often time cripples people on the onset of getting too into anything The first time ever picked up the DJ Decks was horrible horrible now, but I'm not afraid of that I'm not afraid of that feeling it actually propels me

It works quite the opposite [I] Can do 18 million 22 hours a day in dealing with? Veteran [it] being able to look at an opportunity and [goes] that [would] take me forever or not Some people don't have that you won't is something you [develop] You know that's why most times out of 10 any head of a company [who's] been doing it for a long time because they inherently can make a decision and the blink of an eye? You have to learn that My breakthrough was actually deciding I wanted to be an actor The other thing that's important I think is [to] keep your head down You know keep your head down like night swim in 25 laps in to unify and look up and start counting those laps And take it out by 15 5 to put my head down I keep [working] away and work a technique work it Internal rhythm work it mmm I hit that length I don't even know what length come on guarantee of [Makati] [on] 20 and [two] more [three] more to go I think people find themselves incremental checking, how far they've gone Now you [know] when you compare to anybody else or whatever

It's just it's a recipe for disaster Just keep any nine now That's the most important mountain Climbers, [I'll] be telling the same thing no point looking the difference between Climbing a hundred trees and climbing violently, [it's] [a] community Don't know you're at the challenge when you get there Pal, and that's what you need to remember just don't look down They changed my life it [turned] my dreams into a reality It gave me an actual tangible Target to go Oh actually I could do this that was my that was my biggest break from of course they've been numerous breakthroughs over my career [in] my life, which I'm all proud of but None so much as that realization that I want to be an actor [now] What your Target is don't Get it Be as clued up as the next man because that's that's [that] cheap petrol at your fuel to get you moving you don't know where you're going what your targets are you're never going to get there period [work] [hog] sleep [guys] You work day in and day out on your goals you think you work hard But so does everyone else if you really think you're working so damn hard, and why haven't you achieved all your goals yet? It's because you have to work harder Someone very inspirational in My life gave me very simple advice at a young age There's always something to do it's such a simple Mantra That's what keeps me working hard all the time Every time you think you can relax or you've done everything you can do it this time [think] again

You can always educate yourself further You can always look for new opportunities You can find ways to better yourself You can find ways [to] be more productive if you haven't achieved your major goals yet Then relaxing is an excuse and a distraction you need to keep working Read any major successful biography for a lot of people it took an entire lifetime of work to achieve their dreams Do you think you're going to live forever? Time is precious Sure, you need times of rest But you can't afford to squander time and odds are you don't need as much downtime as you think you do? Don't forget about your competition For whatever job You are trying to get there are hundreds of people applying if you're trying to build a business There's somebody else trying to do the same thing We probably has more resources than you do the competition isn't going to slow down So why should you if You don't have the money or you don't have the connection but you do have the time then the only option is to outwork them and In order to Outwork them [then] your goal has to be on your mind 24/7 To be the best you have to be really exceptional I'm going to tell you again Go back and read any successful biography the people who had the most success push themselves and their work to the limits They didn't wait for a lucky break They didn't try to sneak their way in they found an idea and they worked hard on nothing [but] that idea and when they did have success They didn't stop working they tried to innovate again The world is changing all [the] time What worked in the past may not work again the population [is] increasing constantly? The culture is changing a college degree 30 years ago was all worth a lot more than it is now There were more barriers to entry when it came to starting a business But these days everyone has access to the same resources there's very little knowledge that you can't get your hands on and Technology is constantly changing It's making it easier to get work done But it's also constantly distracting us the more changes that happen the more you will have to adapt to the future The bottom line is that if you are in a deficit If you are so far away from your goals that you can barely see them then you have zero time to relax You need to be out working the competition out working the changes happening in the world and now working the level that you think you are capable of you

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