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(upbeat music) INDIA ECONOMIC STRATEGY ONE UNIVERSITY'S SUCCESS STORY Australian education is on show, to millions of Indian TV viewers

– The winner for the Vice-Chancellor's meritorious 100% scholarship for 2017, trimester one is (intense music) Rupa Subramaniam Congratulations Rupa

We truly believe that you will be a good ambassador to the India story in Australia – Thank you so much You know, I don't want to cry but yeah, I'm just, I'm really happy – [Host] Good luck to all of you and many congratulations Rupa – [Rupa] Thank you

One Year later Rupa Subramaniam is in Melbourne, halfway through a Master's degree – I came here and within one year I just tried my luck and I've been able to do everything that I wanted to

And it's almost like a dream come true I never thought that was even a possibility -Rupa Subramaniam, University Student For Deakin University, going on Indian TV had worked – The increases in our numbers have been prodigious 400 per cent increase in the numbers of students who applied

The quality of students we got was astounding -Jane Den Hollander, Vice-chancellor Deakin University At Deakin, Indian student numbers have been growing by 50% a year, for the last three years [Jane] The challenge we have is to make sure that we remain high quality with great interest in making sure they get the education they need for the jobs of their future in India It's also about developing education partners, At the TERI-Deakin Nano Biotechnology Centre near Delhi, work is underway to develop more effective fertilisers, that don't contaminate India's waterways – We take things in out-of-the-box manner to find solutions for problems that mankind are facing right now

-Dr Alok Adholeya, Senior Director TERI-Deakin Nano Biotechnology Centre Deakin has invested more than $10 million in this and other research in India [Jane] That 'give back' to India has been something that Indians have noticed They're a country that believes in corporate social responsibility, this is our contribution to corporate social responsibility in India – Rupa, congratulations

First of all, congratulations How was it? – I'm actually, the feeling's still sinking in I haven't yet, it's not yet sunken that I'm – I think it'll take some time – Yes it will indiaeconomicstrategydfatgov

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