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Blood, sweat, and respect The first two you give, the last one you earn

Let's get out and earn it! Daily! Do you know how many people tweet hustle and work 6 hours a day? They say that nothing good happens in the 4 am hour Well, I can guarantee them this It's 4:45 am

It's still dark outside Look at that, lights just went out And I'm getting ready to kill this AM cardio You can't even see me but it's going to be so good it's bad! If you ever say to somebody else why are you up so early, that is the quickest tell to you are not a winning player

Whatever it is, you're bold enough, you're big enough to dream If you are intentional and deliberate about it Now, there are some aspects of it that are going to be organic But if you are intentional and deliberate If you build it on Monday, if you build it on Tuesday, If you build it on Wednesday

I want you to understand that is not going to happen by luck Productivity is always intentional and deliberate And when a Tuesday went Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, SatNo

no No luck guys Every single day, if you do a little, you're gonna wake up one day and your dreams are going to be a reality You can't just say you want it

You can't watch the video and say: "I want it as bad as I wanna breathe" It's cute to say it But when it's showtime, when the sun comes up, when the sun comes up you got all the books You got all it takes You got all the access

Now it's time to hunt And what separates you from everybody else, is that when is time to hunt, you're ready to hunt Everybody's got lions on their profiles Everybody talks positive about themselves Everybody talks like you're a beast

You dress like you're a beast You got the cars like a beast But then when it's time to do what a beast do, you back up Why is it so hard to do the little things that would improve my life? The way that our minds are designed, is our minds are designed to stop you At all costs, from doing anything that might hurt you

There are so many people in the world and you know, you may be watching this right now, and you have these incredible ideas and what you think is missing is motivation And that's not true Because the way that our minds are wired, and the fact about human beings is that we are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable Or scary Or difficult

Our brains are designed to protect us from those things Because our brains are trying to keep us alive And in order to change, in order to build a business in order to be the best parent, the best spouse; to do all those things that you know you want to do with your life, with your work, with your dreams, you're gonna have to do things that are difficult, uncertain or scary Which sets up this problem, for all of us The one thing we have in this world is: We can't control the events But we can choose what to focus on We can choose what things mean And we can choose what to do

Those three choices, those three decisions really control our life You can always make a decision That's always in your control Staying with somebody that treats you like garbage it's a decision It is

Staying at a job that you hate it's a decision Staying in the body that you are not proud off it's a decision Is it going to be easy? No, it's not gonna be easy to change It's simple It's your job to push yourself

It's not the smartest people who achieve success It's the people who procrastinate less, make fewer excuses, as they take actions every day, towards the goals that they want to achieve Indecision is the thief of opportunity Indecision means the door is still closed Indecision means the opportunity waits

Indecision means what could be, is postponed or may never be If you wanna be successful in anything in life, never leave the sight of setting a goal, without doing something that commits you to fulfill it The next morning the alarm goes off I pretended NASA was there It's the stupidest start I literally went 5-4-3-2-1 I counted out loud and then I stood up And I'll never forget standing there in my bedroom

It was dark It was cold It was winter in Boston And for the first time in three months, I had beaten my habit of hitting the snooze button There were moments all day long

All day long Just like that 5 second moment in bed Where I knew knowledge what I should do And if I didn't move within 5 seconds, my brain would step in and talk me out of it Every human being has a 5 second window

Might even be shorter for you You have about a 5-second window in which you can move from idea to action before your brain kicks into full gear And sabotages any change in behavior Your life is what you think it should be That's exactly what you are right now

You are what you thought you should be And if you don't like who you are you gotta change what you think you should be What you think is more important than what you do And so if you wanna change, you gotta work on this attitude bit Decide

Commit Act Succeed Repeat The one thing that all the greats have in common is they sweat the small stuff

They pay very very close attention to every detail What makes you comfortable can ruin you While what makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow What you are and what you become depends on how well you use your time The billionaire and the beggar both have 24 hours every day

The old and the young, the black and the white, the Indian and the Asian are all given the same amount of time every day You can not stop a day You can not stop an hour But you can control how it will be used Have you ever struggled to be more disciplined? You know you got that paper due next week but you don't do anything all week even though you know it's coming? Or you set up a brand new habit you are so excited about it that you know it can improve your life, your relationships or your work, but you don't stick to it? Or you started that workout routine and you got really pumped up, fired up in doing it, you even lost a couple pounds, but then, you know, three weeks later it was gone, and what did you blame? You blamed your discipline! I teach people that daily you have to prime yourself

You have to do something for 10 minutes minimum If you don't have 10 minutes, you don't have a life Everyday selling myself, selling myself I'm gonna write a New York Times best-selling book, okay? I'm gonna speak to tens of thousands of people I'm gonna help millions of people on planet Earth

I'm literally reminding myself every day: "When I wake up in the morning I write my goals down when I go to bed at night I write my goals down" It's the first thing and the last thing I do every day I've been doing that for 25 years If you don't do that if you get up and just have no discipline whatsoever, you get no value of anything Your diets don't work when you don't do them

Exercise doesn't work when you don't do them But, most of the people already have some experiences that they want to shift And once you shift those things, your whole life changes But life is constant growth My life isn't here because I went to one seminar one time and now my life is fit for life

I workout, I train my mind, I train my body It becomes a lifestyle Discipline is one of the most important things we can develop in our lives because without that ability to be sort of self-reliant and willful to get things done on a continual basis, we never get that great amount of momentum and progress towards what we really want First time I wake up in the morning, I prime myself That's what I've done for years

It's like, I changed my body cause radical breathing pattern or movement, but then I do it for ten minutes Three and a half minutes of pure gratitude about three things And the reason for gratitude is: The two emotions that messes up the most are fear and anger And you can't be grateful and fearful simultaneously They don't go together

And then I do three minutes of my ‘Three to Thrive’ ― what are three outcomes or results I’m really committed to? And I see them as done and fulfilled The first idea is to emotionally engage with that dream Each morning of your life See, a lot of people don't actually struggle with the discipline part in terms of the "doing" the thing It's that they are not getting revved up to do the thing

In other words, we've got a problem with motivation Not necessarily just discipline Where does motivation stop and start? Everybody's got a different answer But here's what I can tell you It's really easy to be motivated

Either you've got it or you can watch it It's really hard to execute It is the variable that separates people People are always gonna tell me everyday Every day I roll up on people, they are like: "Yo, I'm gonna buy the Sea-hawks and their gonna buy the Jets

" And I'm like: Great! Can't wait to see you! People are always telling me that they're gonna do this and that and this and that And you know what I do? I ask lots of them to email me in 60 days In 90 days In a year And you know how many do? Goose egg

People talk s*** And I don't know where it stops or starts but I know that most of you, 99% of you aren't gonna do anything about it And that sucks You have a problem with that once in a while you hit it You do it

You do the work But a lot of times you fall off because you're not emotionally engaged it It's like if you want a lot of discipline, you need a high level of emotional connection and focus on that thing that you wanna work towards So, every morning, what I want you to do is just start a new visualization When you wake up in the morning, close your eyes, think about the dream, the aspiration, the thing that you're really after in life

And just visualize it And really get yourself emotionally attached Emotionally engaged with it Think about how great it will feel for you to have that thing Or be that thing

Or contribute that thing To make that difference Just think about it and allow it to well up in your heart a little bit, get excited about it, remember the dream That's why we get away from discipline because we're so busy with the chaos in the world, that we emotionally are no longer attached in the way that our brain says: Hey man, focus on this! It's important to you, remember? I think the people that have made those mistakes and that have went through those crazy changes are people that have put themselves in a position to not grow So why go backward? You're supposed to progress, you're not supposed to digress

The reason a lot of people don't have discipline in their life is they're letting their day be ruled by randomness They don't have blocks of time that have actually been scheduled to do the thing they're supposed to do So they're counting on sudden will "Oh, you know, I'll get to that today!" "Or I'll get to that someday!" And of course "someday" turns into "never" and then they start blaming their discipline It's not their discipline

It's the lack of a calendar that says: "Do this now!" So, schedule what you must make happen and you'll suddenly find yourself: "Wow, I'm so disciplined!" You need to have scheduled blocks of time where that discipline happens every day and that's the only thing that happens Look, you can always do something every day towards your dreams And if you believe that, it could be just something small, it could be doing a little research, journaling, taking that action, granting that presentation, making that call Whatever it is for you, you can do something every day Just because you're doing a lot more doesn't mean you're gettin a lot more done

Don't confuse MOVEMENT with PROGRESS You don't start because of what you don't have You don't start because you don't realize yet that the fruit of everything good in life begins with a challenge There's nothing easy in life Worthwhile in life

Everything is uphill that is worthwhile And it's not gonna come to you, and it's not gonna fall n your lap, and it's not gonna be something that "Oh my gosh it was just so simple!" It's always going to be difficult! The only way you're ever going to get to the other side of this journey is you have got to suffer To grow To grow you must suffer Most of this generation quits the second they get talked to

"You did this wrong" "You did this wrong" Or they get yelled at It's so easy to be great nowadays, cause everybody else ismost people are weak This is a softened generation So if you have any mental toughness, any ability, any fraction of self-discipline, the ability to not want to do it but still do it People have a hard thing to understand "I hate to run" And what makes me so crazy, it doesn't anymore – Why do you run if you hate it? What are you talking about? I don't wanna take showers and eat either, I hate that too

That's the life, man! It wasn't until I changed that mentality that I became somebody But, if you can get through to doing things that you hate to do, on the other side is greatness So have dreams, but have goals Life goals Yearly goals

Monthly goals Daily goals And understand that to achieve these goals you must apply discipline and consistency In order to achieve your goals, you must apply discipline and consistency every day Not just on Tuesday and miss a few days

You have to work at it Every day you have to plan Every day you're going to saying "We don't plan to fail, we fail to plan!" Hard work works Working really hard is what successful people do For me to fix this, I get to read what's the hell is wrong with David Goggins

Not blame anybody Read my books, okay I'm afraid of my shadow How can I overcome that? Go in the military, get your ass kicked Do things you hate to do

Be uncomfortable every day of your life Roger that I'm not the smartest kid in the world Okay You see, if somebody's saying "Oh no, you're smart! No, no, don't say that to yourself!" I say to myself "No! I'm a dumb motherf***er!" Okay, roger that! How you get smarter? Educate yourself

So the things that we run from, we run off from the truth We're running from the truth, man! So the only way I became successful was going towards the truth As painful, as brutal as it is, it changed me It allowed me to become in my own right, who I am today Tighten up, people

It's okay! Trust me It's okay You might be called nigger one day It's okay You might be called some Jewish word or some faggot or gay word

It's okay Let them call you that What are you gonna do now? They don't own your life How are you gonna control that now? How are you gonna flip it upside down and say 'roger that'? Now I'm gonna harness this s**t And you'll read about me years from now

How? That the question How are you gonna do that? Thicken your skin Become more of a human being Don't be afraid of the reflection in the mirror Because that's all you can be afraid of

Once you overcome the reflection in the mirror, you've done it I like something Les Brown said once He said: "There are losers and there are people who haven't learned how to win" My question to you is this: Which one are you? Are you a loser? Or are you still learning how to win? If you're a loser, it doesn't mean that you are less than It could mean that you've gotten really good at quitting

It could mean that you've gotten really comfortable ending your race before the finish line You have your reasons for not finishing and I've had mine too But, right here and right now, the question is: Do you want to win? Self-discipline separates people from success and not being successful I've never met a person who is not successful That didn't have a great amount of self-discipline within their life

Self-discipline and being able to perform and being able to keep your life on schedule And being able to keep commitments and promises and meet deadlines Is essential to success! Look, if you wanna get rich, you wanna be really successful When I say rich I'm not talking about money, I'm talking about a rich life Freedom

Time with family Choices Get to do what you want See, this is what people did They set a target

Remember when you're a kid and you set targets who are big, giant? Had nothing to do with reason? They were giant, right? And then you had some difficulty getting to it and somebody said what? Dude, your goals are unrealistic You need to drop your goals down And add 40 years And end up with nothing Certainly not congruent with your potential

None of us can afford to have a life that is controlled by someone else Or a life that is basically controlled by our emotions I learned many years ago that there are two kinds of people There's the type of person who says: "I'm gonna wait till I feel like it before I do it" And then there's the person who says: "I gotta do it so that I feel like it

" One will never get anything done because they still waiting to feel the moment to move And the other person says: "No! I need to move and then I will begin to feel the moment" Most people have strategies available Or they can get them or you could create them But the problem is you've got a story

And your story is why it isn't working And the story is: "I've tried everything" If you tried everything, you'd been fit If you tried everything, you'd be profitable There's always a story

And what I tell people is: "If you can just divorce the story of your limitation and marry the truth of your unlimited capacity, then the whole game changes" Most of us, in our life, are trying to make a 10% improvement And we know this This is "I'm trying to increase my revenue by 10%" "I'm trying to increase my sales by 10%" "Save 10% more" Whatever it truly is, we all have this sort of biting into us by life and by the rest of the universe, that you can make these small incremental improvements

But the fact that matter is that there are those in the world that go 10 times bigger And youevery one of us can be that

I would say to you that is your duty, your obligation, and your responsibility to fulfill your potential And that that's actually what success is Success is not money The simplest thing is: get crazily hungry for something We all know it

And you get so hungry, so desirous, your brain starts coming up with answers And then it's massive action but an effective execution Which is all modeling Which I assume this is about Find the best example

Compress the time Let someone else take 20 years to figure it out You do it in two weeks or two months Even if you have no idea how to solve it, no idea how to get there, you'll be amazed at what you come up with And what's interesting is: our legacy, our past, anchors us to where we are today

And you have to let go of that You truly have to let go of all the stuff in your past, what you've thought you've done The infrastructure that you've built To let yourself go We are not our feelings

We are not our patterns Those are things we might identify with or not So when I see a pattern that doesn't work, I don't think the person is broken And I don't think anybody's broken I'm not here to fix people

But I am here to break out the patterns that don't work I might be wrong in what I say, okay? I might be wrong in the things that I do in my life and the business that I started My family told me not to start every business that I've been involved in Every one of them Every one of them was a risk

Every one of them had to take a chance I remember my mom used to tell me: "I wouldn't do that if I were you!" "I wouldn't do that if I were you!" "I wouldn't do that if I were you!" I'm like: "Mommy, you wouldn't do anything!" Well, you wouldn't do anything except being the mother, a great-mother to five children My mother wasn't an entrepreneur She didn't have my dreams Just because she's my mom, doesn't mean she dreams like me

My mom was wrong about everything she told me not to do Love my mom to death Okay? Unbelievable friend of mine, she was wrong I needed to do those things, okay? Steven Jobs needed to build this phone Would you agree? Did he help a lot of people? Did he make some money while he was doing it? 119 billion dollars in five years

Have the conversation with the person that's holding you back The reason most people who are listening right now are not doing that thing is they're worried about the opinion of somebody Usually, their mother Usually, their father And the reality is that your spouse may be the person holding you back and you have to have that conversation

We have to get to a place where you're doing you because the number one thing that scares the f*** out of me is regret And you're gonna sit there 72 and you're gonna say: "I wish! I wish! I wish!" It's looking at yourself in the mirror and saying like: "Am I doing this right?" So, to me, there are so many people that are talking s**t About how big of an entrepreneur they're gonna be And how much they're gonna achieve And they don't work on weekends

You know, I've worked every Saturday of my twenties And I talk to 20 years old entrepreneurs every single day Lately, I've been saying to them: This Saturday you're going to have more time off that I've had in my entire twenties on a Saturday So, before you tell me how you're gonna be bigger than me, start thinking about what you're actually doing Ask yourself: Am I practicing self-discipline in my life? Am I doing the things that I should do because I need to do them? Or am I kinda waiting to feel the moment? Make a damn schedule! And stick to it

It's not a bloody prison That's the first thing that people do wrong They say: Well, I don't like to have to follow a schedule I was like: Well, what kind of a schedule are you setting up? "Well, I have to do this, then I have to do this, then I have to do this" "You know, and then I just go play video games because who wants to do all these things that I have to do?" Wrong! Set the damn schedule up! So that you have the day you want

You are what you consistently do If you look at your calendar, you look at what you're doing on a daily regular basis, that is what it's gonna determine your future path So, if you eat one chocolate bar, but the rest of your day is pretty healthy, you're gonna be a healthy person But if you're eating junk and more junk and then pizza and then Burger King and more burgers and more junk afterwards, and then you eat one piece of broccoli, this means you're not going to be healthy Working out once won't make a big difference for you

Working out three times a week or working out every day, you'll see changes in your life You are what you consistently do Wanna be in the game? READ! The average American reads one book a year The top CEOs in America read five books a month 60+ books a year

But immerse yourself with books, audio, video daily, okay? You hit all three of those Well, I'm reading something, listening to something and watching something These are completely different ways to learn Find Youtube Channels that are good for you If you work your ass off, you're totally focused, you're trying to serve something larger than yourself, and you really are executing what works, you need a little grace

You might wanna call it luck if you prefer, God, the Universe, but it's there! And we gotta all achieve But, I think the more important skill, if you ask me, is to have an extraordinary life as the art of fulfillment And it's an art It's not a science Because there's a science to making money

I don't care who you are if you do certain things, you're going to have too much financial stress If you do other things, you're gonna have an abundance There's a science There's a science to your body Everyone is biochemically different, different genome, but there are certain fundamental patterns

And if you and I follow them, we're going to have tons of energy in a field But if you break them, you're gonna pay the price and have low energy or disease But, fulfillment is an art What's gonna fulfill you is different than the other person next to you You're not gonna learn that from anybody else

You gotta find it Cause SUCCESS without FULFILLMENT is the ultimate FAILURE! You owe you an explanation You need to look at yourself in the mirror and say: "Why are you only giving 50%? What's wrong with you?" You need to put yourself on punishment You need to tell you 'No more TV' 'No more snacks, no more desserts, no more no' 'We're working out now' 'No more alcohol, not right now, no, I can't handle it right now' You need to tell you that you owe you some

You've never looked at yourself in the mirror and said you let you down Until you get to that point, you let you down You've never You're not brave enough You want to put it on somebody else

'The reason of why I'm not successful is because of my boss' Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said: 'I'm not getting up on time' 'I'm not going to work on time' 'I'm not putting in 120% when I am at work" 'I let me down!' What changed? I changed

And I stopped being a victim I stopped saying: 'I gotta wait for good things to happen to me' I'm going to fight I'm going to work I'm going to press toy I'm going to learn

I'm going to do everything in my power Every single day, I'm going to do everything in my power to become a victor and not a victim What do you want in your marriage? What do you want with your son and your daughter? What do you want in your health? What do you want financially? Like, how much money do you wanna make a year? What do you wanna drive? How do you wanna live? Stop just waking up like an accident What do you want? And then once you find out what you want, spend the rest of your natural life waking up and going after it There's no excuse for not living up to your fullest potential

No excuse I don't believe in the word 'procrastination' Like I don't really believe in that word I told a young lady in Australia, who told me she's a procrastinator, I said 'Look, if I told you to meet me here tomorrow at 500 a

m , and I'm gonna give you 3 million dollars, where would you be?' She said 'I'll be right there at 459!' 'Ready to get that 3 million dollars' And I said 'So, there's no such thing as procrastination' What it is, is that is not important to you

Right? It's not meaningful for you It's not something that's urgent to you And when something is not urgent, you put it off But if is not meaningful for you, if is not important to you, then you're not gonna make it a priority So what you have to do is find out how can you make it meaningful, how can you make it purposeful, how can you make it stick? And when you can find that out, I promise you, you'll get up early, you'll get there first and you'll do whatever it takes to make that goal a reality

So for me, no such thing as procrastination is a such thing as it's not a priority to you

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