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hello my name is Thylane Blondeau I'm 16 years old finally, I'm 17 years old now and I live I live in Aix-en-Provence I became a model when I was 3 years old because I parade for the first time when I was 3 years old for jean paul gautier for me, that was not a lot because I was really very small and I was surrounded only by my mom and my family so it was not it was just for fun actually

In the modeling profession, what I prefer I think it's meeting new people it's often photographers, makeup artists, people new people every time I meet every time I go somewhere So my first festival of canes in 2016 the first one was really very stressful for me I was very scared I was very very happy so it was good I have been a muse for a year now so the day of my birthday they put me muse I was friends of the brand before and they had me not yet offered a contract so when they offered me a contract the day of my birthday i was really i actually did not have the words I did not find the words it was just amazing, bigger gift What that brought me is to have more confidence in me because I was someone who was not at all sure of me and to do all the days, not every day, a lot of interviews, a lot of TV it brought me a lot of things My typical day today: I'm only 17 years old so here I work from time to time I live in Aix-en-Provence so it's very very cool

I am always with my family in the morning I play with my little brother when he's not at school I have a coach so one hour of sport a day and after that I go to school at the house so it's several hours of work to the House Today I live my success very well because I'm only 17 years old as I told you I live in Aix-en-Provence so I'm really apart all because I only do what I love and that's it It's funny because everywhere I go there are always people down hotels so I do not say anything I do not say a hotel, I do not say where I go and there are always people at the bottom of hotels And that is cool ! When you're 17, you want to do what you want I do not really go out because I try to be very discreet so I do not go out and when i go out bah it's planned outings with mom or with my agents or my bodyguards A meeting ? Bella Hadid because in fact we have the same bodyguard Gigi Hadid and I, so Sam And so I knew Bella a little bit hadid but I had seen her a couple of times and I never ever recognize myself and so in fact we were in front of the hotel both and she comes out of a van and I drop my head because I am someone very shy so I just drop my head in fashion, she will not see me and I will not see her either and actually she jumped in my arms I was shocked because it's a person whom I adore and whom I admire a lot and in fact she jumped me in her arms she said to me "Hi how are you, come and have lunch together"

I was a woah! What I like most about my life today is traveling and meeting new people people If I had not been a model ? I would be creating a clothing brand but I think I would have done that so just focus on a brand of clothing or cosmetic brand to me in my name

I'm very close to my fans and I know that Instagram is to share a little the life that we have, that I have, so I share with all my fans In fact I keep my privacy for myself but I post all that is when I travel all my family, all my friends and everything I do The negative comments on Instagram, frankly now I learned not to really pay attention to this kind of person I will not lie when we are small and when we are 16, when someone criticism or when someone says a nasty comment, we're not going to care it always hurts and we always question ourselves but as and when with I surround myself only with very positive people, I learned that there are only 2 comments in the month of a jealous person it's not then here's anyway whatever I do, whether it's well or that it's not good there are always people who will criticize now I really do not pay attention and I even leave my mom remove comments I say mom I even want to read more comments you take them away for me, at least I do not see them

When you say something about me I do not care Following my career first I have my line of clothes that comes out so that's very cool and otherwise I've already shot in a movie and I'm redirecting myself to cinema is something I like a lot and otherwise I trust my mom and agents forever choose the right things for me Since they never accept everything it's only the good things so after that I go on as long as I like and as long as I have fun doing all this I continue and the day I will love more I stop My biggest dream if I tell you it will not come true I will not say it! What I could say to people who are afraid of not getting there when you really want something in life if you really want it We can do it To believe in yourself and to think that you are good as you are!

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