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Let's talk about nobody wants to talk about who here has ever failed who's here's failed miserably at something he wanted to achieve say I who's done this more than once AI when you failed why did you fail why are you suddenly tongue-tied come on tell I tell you what why did you what did you use to say the reason you failed when you're bullshitting yourself and you know I know better so you're not telling me the truth what did you used to say I failed because okay good I didn't have enough money what else didn't now didn't have the right technology good sir why'd you fail I had the wrong people they say I had the wrong leader isn't it interesting it was the economy bad economy not enough time didn't have enough time now I ask this question for the first time about seven years ago I was at this place called Ted anybody watching those Ted videos and Ted didn't have a website or anything at that stage it was a very small program was done for about 800 people in Silicon Valley most of them billionaire investors the founders of Yahoo founders of Apple the founders of a whole series of companies and I was brought in and they say you got 18 minutes which by shortest seminars for fucking days so I'm like you've got to be kidding me and then when they for they introduced me the guy who was introducing me wasn't the guy invited me he was an English guy we're good friends today but back then he didn't know who I was he thought I was a motivator so he got up and he said first thing you said to me before I went out that goes nice to meet you don't have people do that jump and shit I heard you do so he wants me to take these dead people and leave them dead in this dark room sitting and I watched before I got up to speak and there was a woman who was a genius and she was treated teaching string theory which is one of most complex things on earth and they gave her 18 minutes and people were shuffling their feet and at the end they didn't even clap for her they were assholes they all thought their shit didn't stink these are all the achievers of the world so I walk out there and the introduction he gives me as Tony Robbins is like a motivator and he's helped a lot of sports people so maybe he can you know create some energy here he had very publicized divorce a few years ago I couldn't fucking believe it he really did say that if you watch the TED video he cut that algorithm Barris was it so I got up afterwards I said gods privilege to be here I said I didn't know that my divorce is Right publicized but my ex-wife is very happy she has tens of millions of dollars but I didn't come about that I came to serve you and then it's time forgot engaged this room so I asked him question just ask you I said who here has ever failed and no one raised their hand the whole fucking room so I paused and I said I know you're out there I can hear your hearts beating who here has ever failed and I demanded an answer and then the few people raised their hand I said who here has ever failed and now the holes started comply so I said great when you failed why did you fail and they said all the things you said didn't have enough time didn't have the right technology didn't have the money didn't have the contacts you know had the wrong people the people said we had the wrong leader all right and then this voice in the darkness all rhythm was pitch black says I didn't have enough Supreme Court justices and I look down and it's Vice President Al Gore who you probably don't know much about American politics but he and Bush jr they tied basically and had to go to our Supreme Court to decide who's going to be and he lost and when he said that we were in Northern California which is all Democrats would have been supported is they all stood up and gave him a standing ovation we said this and when they stopped the stand innovation I said that's one way to try to explain why you didn't become presidents but I wouldn't say it's an accurate one and there was this pause like what the fuck is he about to say and I said let's just do this logically everything you people have told me I didn't have the technology I'd have the right contacts I didn't have the time I didn't have money everything you've told me I didn't have enough Supreme Court justices those are resources and so you're telling me I fail because I didn't have the resources and I'm here to tell you what you already know resources are never the problem it's a lack of resourcefulness is why you failed because the ultimate resources are emotional states if you're creative enough can you find the answer yes or no if you're determined enough can you find the breakthrough yes or no if you're passionate loving enough can you get someone to help you yes or no if there's no way that you're committed can you find the money even if you don't have it yes or no so I said creativity decisiveness passion honesty sincerity love these are the ultimate human resources and when you engage these resource you can get any other resource on earth and I said so you told me all the resources you're missing and you hypnotized yourself into believing that you don't have what you want because you know the resources when the most successful people in history had no resources but they were incredibly resourceful so they got their resources resourcefulness is the ultimate resource and if you don't have what you want stop telling yourself the story because you don't the money over time that's bullshit it's because you haven't committed yourself where you would burn your boats if you want to take the fucking island burn your fucking boats and you will take the island because people when they're going to either die or succeed tend to succeed but most of us give ourselves a way out and that's why we don't have what we want so if you and I really want to know what's going to take to get your dream and make it real it's to stop all the things you told yourself at art and I'm here to tell you what I said at the top of our discussion 80% of success of psychology and 20% of mechanics that's true of running your business that's true of your intimate relationship that's true of your body that's true and your level of happiness so you've got to know the 20% because that gives you the edge right those strategies but you got to know the psychology if you're in business right now there's a few things the chokehold since again how many owned a business I'm real clear really do on the business you're not thinking about it going when raise your hands I can say mostly that impressed so if you own your business I'll tell you right now the choke hold on the growth of your business is you it is not your people it is the leader of this organization the leader is the total and the choke all comes in one or two forms your psychology you think you've tried everything you've tried everything but what fucking works who knows what I'm talking about here right or it's a skill that you're missing like you really are incredible writing code but you don't know shit about accounting and Finance and it's eating your business alive because I got to tell you ninety-six percent of all businesses in a ten year period of time go under only four percent make it by the way make it doesn't mean that you succeed Nev any money it just means you're still standing four percent and by the way after ten years you're set right there's no more challenges never heard of a company called Lehman Brothers right a hundred-year-old company if you took their gross revenues and added them up it'd be a trillion dollars over the decades a trillion with a key and you're no longer here that's how competitive the world is today so if you got into business and you're in it right now I love you I respect you as a brother or sister and I know your crazy son of a bitch just like me you have to be who gets in a sport where the longer you play the more likely you die you're a gladiator if you're in business a gladiator goes out there and they know every time I go out I can die and the longer I stay in the game the more likely I die but every day they go out to win that takes an incredible psychology but in that psychology we bump onto limits and that's what you got a shift and if your psychology is solid you got to say where are the skills I'm missing because that's equally important if you don't know how to market in the world were in today if you don't know the cutting edge the marketing I'm only here today I have the privilege to be with you here how many of you are in this room because you listen to an audio you read a book or a friend let me separate how many here because you read an audio read a book or listen to an audio and that created the basis for you to want to be here how many you here because somebody told you got to go see this guy let me see your hands you saw that let me see your hands nice you can look around the room so about 85% of room I created a brand and that's why I have the privilege to serve you but that brand came because I realized early in my career I give the best ideas in the world but they're going to die in my lips unless I can market them unless I can build a brand it is the most important thing today because the world is made up of commodities the world is so competitive if you're a commodity if you're a race to the lowest price you will be out of business within ten years probably more like two to five you have to have something that separates you from everybody else on earth until you find out that's something you will be stressed and you will be struggling but everybody has it or anybody can create it that's my expertise my companies I started with zero we do more than five billion with a B per year my companies combine how the fuck did you do that when it's not even your focus well thank you very much I appreciate the applause but I'm not talking about reason I want you to get I was never even out to be successful in business I had a mission but I realized I have to master business or that mission is going to die and you got to get that too because otherwise you're going to be one of the many who work your ass off and not have what you deserve so this is an area that deserves mastery not dabbling and probably most of you in this room work your ass off on your business and you're still working in the business you're not working on the business I know you know the difference and if you do you're not getting distinctions that are cutting edge one right strategy can save you 10 years but you got to go get it you can't just keep doing what you're doing because and then pumping yourself back up so you got to get the skills marketing is one of those skills selecting the right people's everything who's selected the wrong person and as a result it cost your business big time either in a partner salesperson something written here and say I you get to develop a system take the right people you live and die by that and we all know it's not the person that you hire that hurt you it's the one you don't fire so knowing how to pick the right people knowing how to train those people no way doing sales knowing what you're gonna do in marketing knowing what you do in the financial side of your business is everything you have to master these things you can't hope and expect your business to be there so most how many if you have a college education lustrum who's got a college education keep your hands up nice and high how many feel like clap like crazy if you agree if you disagree go and how many agree that your college education for fair – prepared you for the life in the 21st century to give you the greatest results you could possibly get for your body for your mind for your business however how many wouldn't trade that experience because that other things in it they are priceless for your relationships inside say I so it might be time for you to up your education you kind of came here at the taste of that I'm telling you because if you're in business I'm come see me I'm doing a program you can fly and see it around the world or you can see a program here in Australia but you've got to come up with this case let me serve you I'm not holding back today it deserves the five days a night and oh by the way if you make an investment today what kind of return are you hoping to get you sir you invest in through money what's the return you're looking for real in the real world today now I'm asking you what return do you want on a dollar investment if you invest your money what are you hoping to get as a return on an annual basis what are you looking for at an annual basis 21 and how often are you doing that good try how many of you would love to get a 20% return think that would be extraordinary investments say I if you want to come to an event with me is $10,000 that means a $2,000 return if I can't get you a million-dollar return you shouldn't come if I can't get you immediately in the next year a thirty one hundred thirty percent return you don't pay anything I'm not selling I'm telling you don't let this be diem let it be the beginning who's with me on this AI having said that if I never see you again let me give you fundamentally the structure and how to break through on anything and here's what it is briefly breakthrough what is a breakthrough by the way so we're clear if you say you're having a breakthrough who's ever had a breakthrough it you fought you fought and then you had a breakthrough Zaid will this happen before say I a breakthrough is when there's something you struggle with for a long time you say you're going to change you say you're going to make it happen you're going to lose that weight you're going to grow your revenues you're going to make that profit you're going to make perhaps you're going to find that relationship you're going to stop smoking and you start to get right near the edge and then you pull back who's done this multiple times before but then finally how to break through you broke through and actually change its AI so jot down what a breakthrough is and let me give you the three steps of it a breakthrough is a moment in time that's what it is it's a moment in time it's a moment where suddenly what was impossible becomes possible and what makes it possible is you take immediate massive what immediate massive life action so that to happen for the impossibly compatible and for you to have action that's going to get results really I found over the years any kind of breakthrough that you're going to have requires three things to it and if you never see me again and you're ever in a place you say I'm sick of fighting this I'm sick of not getting results I want I don't want to just learn more I want to break through if you remember this and go back to the simple formula and by the way I've made this simple purposely you know why complexity is the enemy of execution the more complex you make it the less likely you're going to execute I'm so good at getting people to do things because I make it so damn simple you can't miss it so let's do it what's it going to take to have a breakthrough before I tell you let's have you think of an area where you once fought and you finally had a breakthrough for you personally what's an area where you push them push them for she couldn't do it couldn't do it and you finally made yourself do it and broke through how many can think of a specific area life where you actually did create a breakthrough say I remember boy oh say it's wrong say I say I what was that area say it out loud it was here just say it out loud what area did you break through it say it out what was the area okay so now you've had success before let's do it again I'm going to show you the three things you need for break here any one of the three can do it all three of them together you will absolutely break through and I'm going to give them to you in reverse order of importance meaning I'm going to tell you the least important thing first because it's the first thing most of you go for it's not the most important but it's very important now before I do it I want you right now to think of it area you want to break through right now what's an air your life right now that you like to create a breakthrough how many could make of something you came here for I want to change this I want to rip this open I want to transform this I want to master this who's got a mirror your life right now great sit up in your chair send energy right now super chair make sure the people on either side of you in a peak state right now come on get them up in a beat sake sure what a PC looks like by your example come on now come on ah all right right now pick an area you want to credit breakthrough it what's an area you want to create a breakthrough it money finance great what specifically do you want to create breakthrough about money upon it I like some money here's the problem asking you shall so if she said I'd like some money I could give her a dollar and go okay now you got some money let's move out if you're that general you're probably getting what you're asking for you just don't realize because you're too general what's the breakthrough you want with money to be able to travel the world what prevents that from happening now money II so we now know what a real problem is I'm going to show you what a real problem is in a moment somebody else what's the breakthrough you want what's the bracelet tell me raise your hand what's the breakthrough what's the breaker you want sir what is it to be a leader for my family what's preventing you from being a leader for your family my mindset what specific mindset what focus I'm just not focused enough now I want to listen to people's answers because you're going to see why people aren't changing because it's so general someone else be honest what's here you want to break your head yes yeah what do you want to rake your head she goes I want to breakthrough in clarity of what I want to do with my career what do you want to do with your career you don't know I know you don't know but if you did know and how does tell me right now what would you say I want to be up there talking to thousands of people she doesn't know and then when I say I know you don't know what's the answer she fucking tells me the answer instantly she just has a habit of saying I don't know when you say I don't know I don't know I don't know over and over again you tell yourself a story you begin to believe that story and once you believe it it's manifest how many of you have ever had when you're a kid you're eating dinner your parents says to you could you get me the salt and you're enjoying your meal you don't want to get up so you don't why you say I don't know what the salt is it's not a lot you don't know its exact position in this moment of time and your parent says you know where it's in it's in the kitchen you go I don't know the Soulstice you go get me I don't know you give it a salt right now what you say in your head as you walk in the kitchen out of the Psaltis out of the sauces I know the salt is you over the cabinet really through look it's not here it's on the second shelf they tell you you think I don't know salt is I'm a sausage you look it's not here they come storming the kitchen to be straight for your face they go what is this who's ever had one least experience to say I now here's my question did your eyes see the salt yes or no yes your eyes saw the salt but your mind did not allow you to perceive the salt because you told yourself a story over and over again a belief opened over again and it didn't want to make you a liar with yourself so you created what's called a scotoma or a blind-spot now if you listen to all the people here they're all searching so let me give you the answer three keys to a breakthrough think of the area you want to parade through and right now your body your money your relationships your career your business your joy your happiness and let's look at what your choices are first element there are 3 s's for a breakthrough first element most people are looking for is they're looking for the right strategy they're saying if I could find the right strategy I could get this result right now and by the way my life I am a life and Dismas strategist all I do verily is seek out the world for finding strategies I find people been together for 60 years and they don't just love each other their intimate they're passionate and make love and I want to know what do they have different than other people and I don't think it's luck and I know it's not luck and I figure out what their strategies are they do things that excite each other and I find out what those things are and you can put them in anybody's relationship that's reignited I find people I just got done doing a four-year project where I interviewed 50 of the most wealthy human beings on earth the greatest investors in history and these are all people that started with nothing and became multi billionaires and I interviewed them put it inside the book the very best of what I learned I learned I got a PhD from the people to control the world economy from the warm buffets of the world and the raid al use of the world once I knew what their strategies are like right now one of the strategies I put in my book it's called money master the game I believe it's an Australian I think it's comes in here yet few of you seen here in this book I got one of them to actually give me a strategy in a dis man named Ray Dalio he's the largest hedge fund in the world this is a guy that rich people they have money to give to a hedge fund guy the big hedge funds are 15 billion radius 160 billion he's 10 times larger than anyone on earth you have to have a billion dollar net worth and give him a hundred million dollars 10 years ago to even begin investing with him now he doesn't care how much money you have you won't take your money and I got him to give me the strategy that he has all of his personal money and he's never told her to anyone on earth and I put in the book if I convinced him you're not taking anybody's money anyway so you're not getting you know all the money you could ever take you're taking you're giving up your net worth I'm gonna give this the average person anybody to follow the strategy last year beat the stock market the stock market us was 13

2 it did 156 in October last year his strategy not mine I just got it from him the stock market the Dow dropped a thousand points in one month it dropped 6% this went up point 2 percent first 7 days of this year the market was down 3% this is up 1% right now it's up three and a half the markets up about two and a quarter and in the last 75 years it's made money eighty-five percent of the time imagine and when it lost it only lost 1 point 6 percent and when it wins it wins an average of 10 percent if you could go to Vegas and when 85 percent of time at 10 percent and there's 16 15 percent of time how often would you fucking play it's in the book that's strategy you do once a year you rebalance it and you're done that's how powerful it is and it's only not work twice 2008 and in 1932 and in both cases it did twice as good as everything else but it did lose money now that's the power of a fucking strategy but getting it from the best on earth that's what I do now to do that it's my time energy money effort it didn't interrupt me I to pursue it I had expect no answers but I want the answer and I got it so I know the power of strategies if anybody else does but I want to tell you most of you want to lose weight you're looking for the strategy you want a relationship you're looking with the strategy look at business you want your strategy all good things the right strategy save you years save you decades convert results in minutes that you would have struggled for forever so I know the value strategies but with all that I just said about strategies they're not the most important piece to a breakthrough let's think about it 70% of the United States is overweight I don't know the current number in Australia but it's starting to catch up to the us most of the world is catching up to the u

s we've polluted everybody else with the same lifestyle and so guess what is it really that hard to be fit and strong is it so complex that you'll never understand it is that why the strategy complex or Fitness strength to be fit and strong yes or no is it like so unique and special that only the 1% can afford it no in fact don't you have to work your ass off to avoid the information that can make you fit and strong in fact today god forbid if you wanted to go work out and be trained how far would I have to leave this building to get to a place where they would train me how far there's one right over there isn't it and we'll probably drive there God forbid we'd actually walk to the place we're going to workout in shed right and oh by the way you do that now you can take out your phone and your iPad right now and download ten books we live in a world where the strategies are all around you so strategy may be your problem often it is but more often you're missing the number two thing you need and that is the right story because the story you have about your life about your business about the area life that's not where you want the area breaking through your story is with making you be stuck what's the story it's a belief that you tell yourself over and over again like I don't know the solidus or the salt is you tell the story so often you believe it a man once said you tell a lie big enough loud enough and long enough sooner or later people will believe you who said that Hitler and most of us are Hitler in our own minds we convinced ourselves with challenges so when person says well you know Alicia I've tried someone who hasn't lost weight they'll say I've tried come on will they say I tried everything bullshit if you tried everything you'll be sitting strong well I've tried thousands of ways thousands name them well tried hundreds name them wife tried dozens name then why did you these two stupid things that don't work over and over again mine was I'm big-boned I am big-boned but I was thirty-eight pounds heavier with the same bones so we often say things that are true to back things up they are true you're big-boned but that is not why you're fat right so the story keeps us from it if you know the relationship you want what's the story all the good ones are gone and they're gay and I'm not or they're not gay and I am there's a story the story is they're exact write this down the only thing keeping you from getting what you want the only thing keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you don't have it the only thing keeping you from getting what you really want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you don't have it yet here's what I say divorce your story and marry the truth divorce your story and marry the truth and don't make it one those divorces where you revisit with your old passing the leap system again divorce it cut it off and marry the truth the truth will set you what but you got to develop the empowering story without that now some of you thinking about my story is the one that allows you to be keep going at what doesn't work I'm not talking about a story where you cover your ass and explain that you're still going to be one someday in the future because no one can argue with that because the futures not here but really you're not doing anything to change significant who knows what I'm talking about here say I so you've got to find a story that's going to empower you to act a story that's going to get you to find the breakthrough because otherwise with a lousy story you'll never find the strategy or you'll come up with a reason why it's too expensive you can't get there you can't access it or you'll even get the strategy and then half-assed apply it just so you can reward your story that says it doesn't work if I tried it like it's all bullshit bullshit is bullshit it's bullshit jumping and doing something different in your head of course it's not going to work you're not doing it it's self fulfilling how many follow those say I so I want you to get this is the secret and by the way I don't want to make it so strategy doesn't matter because it does let me give you a quick example is there a single guy here raise your hand if you're a single guy let me just see a quick example single guys here if your single guy raise your hand I've got so many good examples here all right single guys single guys okay so how about the Silman right here stand up sir give a hand give a hand ladies and gentlemen come on give it up an Aussie hair hi what's your name is it Jesse Jesse I'm gonna get your microphone Jesse I bet you're going to get this because Jesse's he's a good kid you can feel them so I think you're gonna get the answer so in probably the anticlimactic but let me just ask you Jesse I want you to imagine that you're driving in your car with a girl you're dating and as you're driving she says to you Jesse do you need to stop to pee and you know you don't what do you think well I don't need to pay like I don't need to take what do they think uh I don't need to be now ladies how do you feel when you ask the guy do you need a tease you need something to drink and he just goes no ladies make a sound of how that makes you feel make a sound go oh come on make it allows three here to go one more time do I need to ask if she needs to pay the quick study here's what you're missing this is why you're single when a woman asks do you need to stop for a drink you need a key women don't really mean what they say they give you clues and want you to be a detective and uncover what they mean because this proves that you really care it's quite complex this yet so I'm gonna educate you right now so when she says Dee Dee's stop to pee your response should never be no you want to be or yes because you have to be your son should always be honey do you need to pee and then she'll say I don't know because women need to talk to see if they have to pee is it a speak and then see if they have to do it and then what you should probably pause you go you know honey I think we should stop don't make her say yes you just make it happen now ladies if you did that they give a little response threejs so is this man is this a good young man is he yes or no is he nice is he sweet is he kind he just doesn't fucking know that women don't mean what they say so he doesn't have the right strategy so she's going to be pissed at him how many guys have ever had a woman suddenly be pissed at you and you're going I did nothing gentlemen make some noise make some noise if it's true you don't have to do anything they just get to change states so what you have to do is read the tea leaves now to be fair let's give Jessie if they can't give it a hammer to be fair let's balance it out where is a single lady in here single lady arisia single woman raise your hand oh come on is more single lazy single ladies so many single ladies so many great choices so many choices okay alright give a head what's your name where you from it's Liz from 50 lazy gentlemen now you never hear the identical is Sydney let me hear you okay Liz I'm going to give you a little test ah you find a man very attractive you're very interested in you develop the courage to go up come start a conversation and then you say damn it listen would you like to have lunch maybe next Thursday and he says no what does it mean honestly what does it be when you've got say it means first thing he doesn't know he what he's not interested he's not interested now he said no and then she made up a whole fucking story in her hand for me this is what women do what else do you tell you he's not interested what else do you think he's probably got a girlfriend fucking gay gay girlfriend what else it's stupid he's stupid okay now I want you to notice why she's single because all he said was no so I'm going to help you in the women's world they see shit and you have to make it up what it means in a man's world we actually say what we fucking means it's fucking crazy if a guy guys are you ripping if a guy says to me do you have lunch on Thursday and I say no guys what is it fucking mean what does it mean just means no it doesn't mean I'm not into you doesn't mean I'm up sex with someone else doesn't mean I'm gay it just means no to fucking Thursday how about Friday come on Harris is over what doesn't kill you makes can you see how her story would get in the way of a strategy that would work yes or no can you see how a strategy lack of understanding would make women make up a story about him a time yes or no so they all affect each other don't they but the glue that holds you in place is the story if you want to grow a business I can teach you a million strategy will change you overnight and if I get you to use a strategy and grow your business 30% like that you are going to get so excited that your story about your business will change won't it you're like I can rip this open I'm going to make this thing a hundred percent more profitable that's why 80 percent those people I can grow them 30 to 130 percent because once I get into momentum people's story changes and when their story changes the third and most important thing changes their state because that's what really changes it all and that's why when I first came to the audience I was listening what you wanted why I changed all my contents today to give you what I delivered because I realized since you want so many different things to have a breakthrough the most important one is state

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